Student Leadership Program Should Create Future Knowledge Workers and Deliver Positive ROI

Leadership is a popular topic both in the business and education worlds. The main reason for this popularity is that effective leadership is a primary factor for the success of any organization. By implementing leadership at the middle school and high school grades, the belief is that this earlier intervention will ultimately help not only the students, but the local communities, small businesses and larger corporate citizens. What constitutes an effective middle school or high school system wide leadership program that delivers a positive return on your investment? These 10 pointers may help you better answer that question. 1. All… …;

Education and Emotional Intelligence

How can we expect our youth to be good leaders if many of our educators and parents are not? Emotional intelligence helps us to form a strong foundation for making good life decisions. Studies show that at best, IQ only contributes about 20 percent to the factors that determine life success, leaving 80 percent to other forces.

Creative Leadership

The center for creative leadership (CCL) was established to help people develop new skills. This is important since it teaches future leaders how to handle challenges and problems. In the business world, you will face hurdles from customers, government agencies and even the society. Wisdom and skill are key if you are ever to make it in life. You must be able to think beyond your limitations. You must have the extra edge above your competitors.