Definition of Leadership Qualities

There is no single statement that one can give as the definition of leadership. It is a term that has many aspects to it. Extraordinary is an attribute of a good leader. Most people regard them as the “X” leaders. This is because they go the extra mile to ensure things are working the way they ought to. Such leaders always keep rediscovering themselves by acquiring new skills. They care deeply for their followers. Different people have contradicting ideas as whether leaders are made or if they are born. Whichever you stand for, there is one common thing. All leaders… …;

Some Effective Leadership Styles

There are diverse effective leadership styles that people have adopted. The following are some tips that have been suggested that can help. Any time you delegate work to an employee, ensure they fully understand the process involved. Take your time to give the needed explanations. To check his understanding, ask certain questions and listen to how he responds. If success comes along the way, share it with the employees. They will feel that their input is appreciated.

Leadership Journals Review

Leadership journals illustrate the important role of leaders in various sectors of the society. They carry information about the contribution of renowned personalities in various fields. They help people understand the theory, roles and techniques for improving the qualities of a leader.

Ethical Leadership

Leaders are very important people in the society. Whatever they say and do is constantly monitored by society. There are some leaders who do not practice ethical leadership. They always try to project themselves as champions of a particular community. This is very dangerous especially if a country has different tribes and it is one wrong idea that can lead to war.