The Resegregation of America’s Schools – Nu Leadership Series

” Every failure is a blessing in disguise, providing it teaches some needed lesson one could not have learned without it. Most so-called Failures are only temporary defeats.” Napoleon Hill America must revisit its educational system. Kozol (2006) argues that segregation has returned to public education as a result of several years of federal policies. Currently, the number of Black children attending integrated schools has dropped to its lowest levels since 1968. Demographics within the public inner city schools continue to change. These changes impact politics, which in turn, impact culture. In the process, traditional education suffers. When one discusses… …;

Exemplary Non-Profit and Higher Education Leadership – Blenda Wilson, PhD

Retired President, Nellie Mae Educational Foundation This article is part of groundbreaking leadership research has received extensive endorsements and enthusiastic reviews from well-known prominent business, political, and academic leaders who either participated in the study or reviewed the research findings. A total of sixteen leaders were interviewed on the subject of “Leadership and Overcoming Adversity.”

Army Leadership

Some believe leaders are born. Others believe leaders are made. Army leadership is aimed at instilling a warrior culture in each soldier. It is also aimed at meeting the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) and Contemporary Operating Environment objectives. Its objective is to create self awareness among leaders and the willingness to be adaptive. There are certain responsibilities that are attached to being a leader. You must be able to incorporate the values and training of being a soldier to everyone under you.

Characteristic of Leadership

They say the worst mistake that you can make in life is to move without direction. If the direction you will take is made by you, then you better choose the right person. Effective leaders are one of the most sought after jewels in today’s world and being proactive is an important characteristic of leadership. It sets out the boundary between those who lead and their followers.