Masters in Nursing for Nurse Educators

The vast majority of Masters in Nursing programs focus on preparing nurses to teach other nurses the skills and knowledge required for a career in nursing. Masters in Nursing for Nurse Educators – Overview Programs The programs that are intended to teach nurses the skills and knowledge needed for the profession tend to competency-based. The programs prepare students to teach in a range of environments, including: schools, community agencies, hospitals and businesses. While the majority of educators teach nurses, many others teach community groups, school children, patients and workers. Nurses enrolled in MSN degree programs are taught through supervised clinical… …;

Student Leadership Program Should Create Future Knowledge Workers and Deliver Positive ROI

Leadership is a popular topic both in the business and education worlds. The main reason for this popularity is that effective leadership is a primary factor for the success of any organization. By implementing leadership at the middle school and high school grades, the belief is that this earlier intervention will ultimately help not only the students, but the local communities, small businesses and larger corporate citizens.